• April 26, 2017

Founder of $1B startup on using Harrison Assessments

Founder of $1B startup on using Harrison Assessments

Founder of $1B startup on using Harrison Assessments 600 314 Forsee

Adam Goldenberg on Harrison Assessments

LA based fashion startup TechStyle (formerly JustFab) is one of California’s “unicorn” startup businesses.  In startup land a unicorn is defined as a business with a valuation of in excess of US$1 Billion.

Adam Goldenberg, CEO and Founder is a convert to Harrison Assessments. A serial tech entrepreneur, he was initially very sceptical of this kind of approach but after experiencing how accurate it was and using it to hire high performing individuals who will fit into the JustFab culture he considers it essential to their operations and will never again hire without it. Adam had a forward thinking HR Director guide their process and TechStyle now use Harrison Assessments predictive hiring technology for their recruitment, team composition, engagement and development.

Watch Adam present “the data I discounted” to the Vator Splash conference. He’s an engaging individual and its great to hear a non-HR person talk about Harrison Assessments and the positive impact it has had on their business.

“To me, by far the most important dimension for startups is Team. And the reason is, it’s the one dimension you will not get a second chance at”


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