Harrison Assessments Software

Harrison Assessments Software

Forsee uses Harrison Assessments predictive hiring technology to revolutionise the decision making process for the hiring, development and engagement of employees. It’s the accuracy of this data driven approach which truly makes this people technology.

Forsee is a Solutions Partner of Harrison Assessments Global Network.






People Assessed

In Australia we have available HA Solution Partners in every state and territory.

The software as a service solution is entirely scalable and is used by global multinationals, small business and every organisation in between.

The unique SmartQ assessment that forms the core of the predictive behavioural analytics has been developed and fine-tuned over 30 years by Dr Dan Harrison (PhD’s Mathematics and Organisational Psychology). It’s this combination of powerful algorithmic based mathematics and intense study of human behaviour in the workplace that allows us to accurately collect large amounts of data in only 20 minutes. In fact the SmartQ gathers as much data in 20 minutes as completing 2,701 multiple choice questions. We are not just interested in personality but rather in personality and workplace preferences, interests and engagement factors.

The SmartQ work preferences assessment measures 175 traits. When compared to well known tools like Myers Briggs (4 traits), DISC (4 traits), Hogan (, IPQ (32 traits) the amount and accuracy of data being collected is truly in another league.

No other tool allows for the display of dynamic workplace behaviours in an accessible format that provides clear actionable information that will improve your decision making about your people.

Job Specific

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If you are interested in learning more about the science behind Harrison Assessments please contact us to request validation documentation.