I was very impressed with the results of the Harrison Assessments report that Andrew did for me. The findings described me accurately and the coaching gave me some good insight into my behaviour at work. I would recommend these reports to anyone looking to improve their performance and better understand why they behave the way they do.

Peter Abbott - Structural Engineer, Abbott Consulting

I recently undertook Forsee’s Harrison Assessments job suitability assessment as part of a larger project. Completely recommend this to anyone looking for high quality data. It was easy to complete, the detail was great and the accuracy level was extremely high.
You are going to end up with much better placement results and staff retention with Forsee.

Mark McInnes - Ranked #1 Social Seller on LinkedIN, SalesITV

This is great tool for people seeking a career change and are at a cross road in their lives! The assistance with Andrew spending time to go through in depth with the report was great!

Gaurav K., Melbourne, Vic

I’ve done personality tests before and to be honest I thought they were like horoscopes. This was so accurate in comparison that I’m a bit shocked.

The reports are very good on their own but the feedback and coaching I got from the review session with Steven is why I will recommend it to my friends.

Simon J., Bondi, NSW