Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that using predictive hiring can seem complex at the start. Use our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more. Of course if you really want to know more then book a demo.

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It’s really simple. Every time you make a bad hiring decision it is costing your organisation a large amount of money in hidden expenses. Forsee uses Harrison Assessments predictive hiring technology to help you double the accuracy of your hiring decisions at half the cost of traditional recruitment while saving you up to 70% of the time traditionally involved in screening resumes.

We can save you money, save you time and boost the accuracy of your hiring decisions.

Yes the Harrison Assessments software uses the same workplace behavioural assessment to provide data driven insights into Employee Development and Coaching, Engagement drivers, Talent Pipelines, Team Building, Benchmarking Performance drivers in specific roles and Outplacement. All with the one 20 minute SmartQ assessment.

As a cloud based software solution Harrison Assessments is used by global multinationals and SME’s alike. You can start with one-off assessments of individual candidates or use an Annual Assessment Agreement for your entire workforce.

We will help you setup campaigns for each role you are looking for fill. Each campaign has a unique url that candidates click to apply. This link is generally made available on a landing page within your own website as most job boards generally don’t allow third party links. You can shortlist candidates with the click of a button and then generate reports and structured interview guides for your selection process.

Given the high cost of bad hiring decisions at all levels of the organisation every role should utilise predictive hiring technology. Harrison Assessments technology now makes this feasible, fast and cost efficient.

As AC Nielsen said “the price of light is less than the cost of darkness”

Yes, Forsee can provide you with options for a Managed Service where we will work with you to customise your Job Success Formulas, run recruitment campaigns, sit on your interview panels, assess existing staff, conduct team workshops, build development plans, identify cultural values and benchmark performance drivers.

Forsee conducts onsite training for your nominated team members to operate in just 1-3 days depending on which modules are being used.

Harrison Assessments itself also conducts regular public training sessions around Australia.

Yes, businesses with more than 100 employees can choose to use our Annual Assessment Agreement with a fixed price for unlimited screening of candidates and existing employees.

This provides a fixed cost for budgeting and significant discounts compared to adhoc use. Contact us for a quote.

Yes, Forsee utilises Dr Dan Harrison’s (PhD’s in Organisational Psychology and Mathematics) 30 years of research to power the system. It is one of the most advanced technologies in the field and has reviewed as valid and useful psychometric tool. ISO 10667 compliant for online assessment service delivery.

Please contact us for formal validation documentation and case studies.

No, due to the unique SmartQ design it is very difficult for candidates to cheat on the assessment. All of the statements are equally positive and candidate does not know the component traits and weighting of the Job Success Formula algorithm.

In addition the system has an inbuilt consistency check to identify when candidates are trying to game the assessment.

Yes, you will be setup with your own system so you can access your data at any time. All data is stored on Harrison Assessments’ secure server. If your organisation has specific data storage requirements Harrison Assessments has options to address these needs.

Your data security and privacy is a primary concern for us.

The core SmartQ workplace behavioural assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. All of our reports are generated from the data of this one assessment. Adding a Cognitive Assessment for verbal, numerical and critical thinking will add an additional 30-40 minutes.

We can also add any additional assessments of your choice into our Job Success Formula algorithms.

The core SmartQ workplace behavioural assessment measures 175 traits across personality, task preferences, engagement & retention factors and interests in only 20 minutes.

Compared to well know personality assessments like Myers Briggs which measure 4 traits the Harrison Assessments technology is light years more advanced.

No, you only have to complete the SmartQ once. It takes approximately 20 minutes. All Harrison Assessments reports are generated from just this one data source which measures 175 personality traits, task preferences, engagement & retention factors and interests. The unique questionnaire design makes it incredibly efficient compared to other assessment tools.

Yes, the SmartQ assessment works on all devices. This includes any smart phone with internet access and a touch screen that allows you to drag and drop the statements with your finger.

Paradox technology is unique to Harrison Assessments and provides a dynamic insight into how you actually behave in the workplace. It’s ability to map people’s normal behavioural ranges and responses to stress is scarily accurate. These insights guide professional development and provide an excellent reference point for coaching of individuals and teams.