Predictive Hiring and Automation

Predictive Hiring is transforming the effectiveness of hiring and recruitment. The automation of the screening processes means that time consuming resume reviews and subjective telephone interviews are replaced with objective, data driven ranking of candidates based on:

Eligibility – can they do the work? – skills, experience, qualifications

Suitability – will they enjoy the work? – behavioural drivers and motivators

Cognitive Scores – do they have the smarts for the work? – numerical, verbal and problem solving

Structured Interview Guides – individual guides that identify the specific areas to probe for each candidate being interviewed

Any third party assessment – add in any third party assessment you wish. Eg typing speed, software skills etc

The process evolves in stages so a candidate must satisfy your requirements in order to move onto the next.

The Job Success Formulas are based on your own performance data and KPI’s. While we do have “off the shelf” formulas available, the highest predictive correlations are available from using data that is derived from specific roles in your business. After all what drives performance in every business is unique.

The traditional process of “hoping” a candidate will work out is old news. Assumptions about what is driving job performance is replaced by accurate science to double the accuracy of your hiring decisions.
Can you really take the risk of leaving your talent decisions up to gut feelings?

“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”Arthur Nielsen (founder of AC Nielsen)