• January 4, 2017

77% of executives rate predictive people analytics as a key priority

77% of executives rate predictive people analytics as a key priority

77% of executives rate predictive people analytics as a key priority 500 360 Forsee

Deloittes agrees with Forsee

To us it’s no surprise, however it is still nice to be validated by a well respected global organisation like Deloittes. According to Deloittes latest report on Global Human Capital Trends for 2016, 77% of executives rate Predictive People Analytics as a key priority. In response, companies are investing in data analytics teams and rapidly replacing their legacy systems.

At Forsee we’ve been seeing this trend for some time. The smartest operators have been quick to grasp how far data analytics has advanced in a relatively short time and how transformative this development has been to supplementing their decision making processes for human capital. Their new ability to accurately measure what had previously been very subjective is giving these first movers a massive advantage in winning the war for talent and retaining their best people. However you don’t have to spend a fortune building your own systems. You can access proven, cutting edge technology very cost effectively (especially when compared the true cost to your business of hiring the wrong people!).

Predictive Hiring in a box

The days of only using psychometric testing for “high value” positions are in the past. Forward thinking organisations who understand that bad hires are costing them a fortune in lost productivity and training investment are applying systematic assessment of candidates for jobs of all levels and then using these insights to further develop their teams. Those who still rely only on the traditional cv review and interview process are being left behind. Our system provides the most accurate, efficient and cost effective means of quickly deploying a selection and development tool to allow your business to benefit from this disruptive technology. You have the option of having Forsee operate it for you as a full service solution or we can set you up with your own self managed solution to be run internally by your own people.

Hiring, Developing & Engaging the Best People

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Deloitte’s full report is available here