• May 18, 2017

Can candidates cheat on Harrison Assessments?

Can candidates cheat on Harrison Assessments?

Can candidates cheat on Harrison Assessments? 320 320 Forsee

One of the most common queries from new clients is how easy is it for candidates to cheat Harrison Assessments predictive hiring technology? The answer is its very difficult for a number of reasons. We believe this to be the most advanced anti-manipulation technology in the industry.

“the system can detect when candidates are inconsistent in their responses and notify you to request them to retake the assessment”

While the reality is all psychometric tests can be manipulated to different degrees (including interviews) Harrison Assessments has minimised the likelihood of this impacting your hiring outcomes with a number of innovative solutions:

  1. Ranking Positive Statements – our online assessment SmartQ uses an innovative questionnaire style to rank groups of eight statements in order of workplace preference. All statements are equally positive meaning it is very difficult for a candidate to know what the employer is looking for. This ranking process is very important as rated answers ( agree, strongly agree etc) have proven to be skewed much more frequently.
  2. Focused on what the candidate wants –  the assessment is focused on what the individual wants in relation to employment and as such there is much less motivation to deceive. If a task they actually dislike is being ranked highly this is going to lead to very low satisfaction. What the company wants is not known to the candidate.
  3. Inbuilt Consistency Detection – the system automatically calculates the consistency of candidates responses. We can tell if individuals are trying to game the system. There are over 8,000 combinations to keep in mind meaning a candidate would have to know both exactly what the Job Success Formula algorithm is looking for and have the analytical ability of “Rainman” to do so effectively. Those who fall below a preset threshold are requested to retake the assessment (at no additional cost).
  4. Individual Structured Interview Guides – the system provides individual structured interview guides consisting of behavioural questions and what to look for in an answer.
  5. Measuring 175 traits including combination traits and negative behaviours that are not explicitly asked in the questionnaire makes it even more difficult for a candidate to guess what the company is looking for.

“This is the most advanced anti-manipulation technology in the industry”

With these measures in place to limit the ability to cheat Harrison Assessments predictive hiring technology we can tell if a candidate has rushed through without sufficient attention (a revealing trait in itself) or is deliberately trying to game the process. Keep in mind that a candidate should never be given their exact results and then asked to redo the assessment as it can provide insights into what the algorithm is looking for.

Behavioural assessment is only one component of predictive hiring. The most accurate hiring approach uses a weighted combination of Eligibility (skills, experience, quals), Suitability (personality, workplace preferences), Cognitive (verbal, numerical, problem solving) and Structured Interview Performance. The combination of these predictive factors allows Forsee to provide you with an Overall Predictive Score relating to the candidates likely performance, engagement levels and cultural fit within their organisation and team.

These range of advanced measures make it very difficult to cheat Harrison Assessments predictive hiring technology.

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