How Predictive Hiring saves you money

Now you understand how big the cost of bad hiring decisions can be, learn how you can use data to supplement your approach to hiring and developing your people.

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An introduction to predictive hiring, why we need it, what we’ll be covering in this video series and how you can benefit. (2:11 min)

The reasons why we make bad hiring decisions often come down to poor process design and cognitive bias. We can use the superiority of algorithms to supplement our decision making. (5:06 min)

There is an established body of research on the effectiveness of different hiring techniques that is not well known outside of organisational psychology. Here is what works and what doesn’t. (3:25 min)

There are a lot of myths about psychometric assessments. From unproven hocus pocus to only useful for hiring executives, let’s bust them open. (2:44 min)

Harrison Assessments is a global business. Let’s look at who is already using their predictive hiring technology. What are the different usage options available and what are the next steps? (2:18 min)